You know you’re a mom when…

My family spent the day hanging out by the pool of a shamsy-fancy hotel, since the hubs is out of town, and its 114 outside. Yes, that is me complaining about Arizona’s heat, yet again. This CALI girl needs the water in here life, so why not hit up a fake beach at a hotel? Totally, the same, at least I can keep telling myself that.

My sister was sharing with me how she read this blog post about a “you know you’re 30 when…” and how she laughed real hard about it. After I got home from the pool, I was bathing Hanksters and he pooped in the tub. (insert emoticon of pile of poop+ bathtub + gun pointing at it).

Then I thought myself… you know you’re a mom when you pick up poop with your bare hands.

Which inspired this list:

You know you’re a mom when: you lick your hands, and hope its chocolate. *did that last week. It was chocolate.

You know you’re a mom when: you haven’t used the restroom alone in as long as you can remember. *the door is always open, and either I’m keeping an eye on the kids, or they won’t leave me alone.

You know you’re a mom when: you say 3 different names, to get the right one.

You know you’re a mom when: you sneak chocolate chips behind the fridge door, so that you don’t have to share with the kids. *I do this ALL THE TIME.

You know you’re a mom when: you are never seen in white clothing.

You know you’re a mom when: you haven’t had a hot meal in, well, as long as your kid has been on solids.

You know you’re a mom when: poop in the bath tub doesn’t make you scream.

You know you’re a mom when: you can recite all the characters from doc mc stuffins and are okay with it.

You know you’re a mom when: the clean up song becomes as cool to you as Justin B is to teen girls (and boys).

You know you’re a mom when: you get 4 hrs of uninterrupted sleep and your tell someone “I slept great last night.”

You know you’re a mom when: you drink wine out of a sippy cup, because that’s what is clean in the kitchen. * I may or may not be doing this right now.

You know you’re a mom when: you can get everyone out the door, dressed and ready to go for the day in under 5 minutes. But…You forget your wallet in the diaper bag the one day you decide to bring your purse. #fail

You know you’re a mom when you eat your kids gummy vitamins and think, “Good enough for them, good enough for me.”


Its hard work being a mom, but so rewarding. So, if you are not a mama, yet, don’t be scared by this list. Take it as an encouragement as to how awesome you are going to be, once you are a mom. Nothing seems to really shock me anymore. I just roll with the punches. We can basically conquer the world in a day, right Pinky?


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It’s so hot..why not?

This past weekend temps in Phoenix hit 122 degrees! I mean, honestly, we chose to live here?? Why? I ask myself that question every summer. We are blessed enough to be able to beat the heat this weekend, for the 4th. Headed to Carlsbad, CA. And yes, we are planning on taking the kids to Lego Land. Not sure why over the holiday I thought that was a good idea. But we got a deal on tickets, so I figured just do it! YOLO, right? #can’tbelieveisaidyolo

Since it was 116 when I left my house today, and I have til wednesday in AZ. We needed something to do IN SIDE, that we didn’t have to pay a fortune for.  My friend suggested IKEA! I have always been that judgmental mom that says, “Oh, i’ll never let my kid play in the IKEA kid drop off while I shop… So nasty!”

Well, let the judger by judged

 I let Sophia (my 3.5 year) hang out in the play area for an hour. To my surprise, it was so clean! The staff was so kind, and friendly towards the children. I watched the staff for about 20 minutes outside of the play area as I waited for a friend that I was meeting. You could tell the team actually wanted to be there. They interacted with the kids, disciplined older children for being rough, smiled, followed the rules, and laughed with the children. Which is impressive; since, I feel like sometimes I walk into our very expensive preschool and do not see that reaction from some of the teachers. I was overly impressed by the IKEA team.

My friend, Jacque, and I enjoyed the air conditioned showroom. We dreaming of clean organized spaces in our homes. We both have babies, her little girl is 7 months old, and sweeter than pie. I did pick up some frames for some PedalCraft prints that have been collecting dust. The prints are so rad, and look amazing in the $20 frame. Now that they are framed, lets see how long it takes to get them actually on the wall. (hint! hint! to the banker to get the hammer out ) If you have never heard of what Pedal Craft is, check it out. It’s a beautiful fusion of biking, arts, and beer in downtown Phoenix. Volume III is going to be on 10/25/2013. Stay turned for more updates on that later.

We ate lunch in the cafe. I had a greek salad. For $3.99 I do not expect much, but this was tasty. My mother in law always tells me about how when she was a single mom raising the kids (my husband has 2 siblings) she would take the children to cafeteria style places because no one cared if they were loud. THIS is SO TRUE! Sophia and her buddy joked with each other, the babies laughed and spit food every where. It was so nice to not have to worry if we were bothering anyone. Everyone there had children, or understood, it’s Ikea.

Again, iphone quality photo edited in instagram.

btw, I scored those baskets on sale at Target for $7 a pop this week. That was 80% off. Budget friendly, cute option.


Cute babies, hanging in my double Britax B-Ready. Both of my kids are napping now. Thats the best, crashed out after playing hard.

All in all, a great afternoon!

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