Red Apple Lip Stick Giveaway

The lovely makeup junkies over at Red Apple Lip Stick are partnering with us for a giveaway, and I couldn’t be more happy!

I will be doing a full review of the products next week on the blog. For now lets give away a lip stick color!

We are giving away an amazing RED.


A little bit about Red Apple.

“All Red Apple Lipstick products are certified gluten free, paraben free, soy free, dairy free and allergen free. Our lipsticks are also vegan, natural and cruelty free, but you wouldn’t know it, unless you asked!”

I am all about all natural products, and this is a great one!

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Enjoy, winner will be picked and posted in 48 hours!

happy lipsticking!

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P.S. I Adore You

P.S. I Adore You

I love this site! I found them during a instagram search of another blogger and then ended up on their page. They are a budget savy way to get a hold of awesome clothes for yourself and kids. Today, they have the cutest leggings!  Also, some super cute tanks. Love the FREE SPIRIT one. That is so my little bop. (“bop” a nickname for Sophie)

This is what the moms from P.S. I adore you said about themselves, “We wish we had a great story to tell about how P.S. I Adore You came about, but it’s simple really. We are busy moms who love to find great deals on anything and everything. We also love finding those hidden treasures at our local farmers markets and boutiques. We wanted to find a way to showcase those adorable one of a kind items all while getting a great deal! Oh, and last but not least… We needed a way to spread the word about childhood cancer and raise awareness for these kids, they are oh so close to our hearts. “

Happy shopping! Check them out. Please, great clothes and bags, and local vendors all while raising awareness for these sweet little kiddos. P.s. I adore them!!!

_the blonde

Summer Splurge & Save Makeup

This was my guest blog post from Junk in the Trunk’s 4th of july post.

Kerry won the JITT vintage market swag. I emailed you!

Ever get frustrated with the cost of makeup? I am a pro makeup artist, and even I do not want to shell out the cash for the good stuff. With these dupes (duplicates) you will be able to create a full Summer Makeup look.

Tinted Moisturizers

Great for a light weight foundation. Laura’s is pricey, but every makeup artist knows it is the best. I found one that is a close match from the drug store and half the price!

Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer $48                  Loreal Youth Code $16


Summer pink/nude lip stick DUPE

MAC angel  $17


        Elf  in Classy $1


You can’t tell the difference between the two shades. The MAC does stay on longer, other than that I would say the e.l.f. if worth it for a buck!

Summer Pop of Pink for the cheeks

Bobbi Brown’s Pale Pink Blush  $26     &     Bobbi Brown’s Golden Light Bronzer $38



e.l.f. studio’s contouring bronzer and blush palette  $3 (crazy right?!)


These two products are my staple go to’s… then I found this palette from e.l.f. and was shocked at how much I love it. perfect for that summer glow with a pop of pink!

Eye Shadow 

Naked Palette $50           &               Physicians Formula Nude Palette $13


nudeEveryone wants the NAKED and NAKED2 Palette by Urban Decay. It is a sought after staple for most makeup artist and makeup buyers! You can create a basic eye to a very dramatic look with the palette. The Nude palette has very similar colors and 1/3 of the price.

Thank you Junk in the Trunk for having me over to guest blog.

Let me know what you think of the dupes, leave a comment!

the 4th recap

this basically sums up our week in LaJolla, CA.

fourth of July spent on Skateboards, having lots of fun!

This is my big brother. How fun are his socks?

Hank tried his hardest to skate, but cruising around the this hallway is what he did best.

my little brother looks so tough in the back ground of this photo. pretty cute watching him grow up!

Sophia did great on the skateboard. She was bombing hills by end… with the help of her uncles.

Click on the link above to see the cutest video ever.

photo credit: Axel Geschke

Huge thank you to our parents for valuing family time.  For renting a house in CA for the fourth that all of us kids, and grandkids can come hang out at. Great memories were made this past weekend.

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Doing a great giveaway tomorrow from Red Apple Lipstick

_the blonde

Sweet Sibling Love

Any day that Sophia has an activity to get to, I start to feel bad for Hank. It tends to always be during his nap time, or when he needs to be eating. Today Sophia’s yoga class was at 10:30 AM. Hank goes down for his nap at 9 AM. I went in and woke him up at 10:15, the very latest I could to get everyone out the door and be close to on time. “Close” being the keyword. Hank was mad, needless to say about being woken up. So we got in the car, the hot oven, as I like to call it during the summer. Hank still mad, if not even more mad now. Sophia was fine, she knew yoga was coming. Hank screamed for a solid 10 minutes. Which doesn’t seem long in miuntes, but in the heat, and 2 children and running late, it could of been a hour to me. Then he stopped. I looked back and saw this.

Moments like this make every scream, hot car ride, poopy diaper, breakdown tantrum, snotty nose completely worth it. All Sophia did was hold her hand out for him, and he grabbed her finger. Then he stopped crying. That sweet feeling of comfort he got from his sister. I am so blessed to have these gifts from God. 

I will remember this moment for a very long time.

oh and we were only 2 minutes late for yoga. not bad.

_the blonde

It’s so hot..why not?

This past weekend temps in Phoenix hit 122 degrees! I mean, honestly, we chose to live here?? Why? I ask myself that question every summer. We are blessed enough to be able to beat the heat this weekend, for the 4th. Headed to Carlsbad, CA. And yes, we are planning on taking the kids to Lego Land. Not sure why over the holiday I thought that was a good idea. But we got a deal on tickets, so I figured just do it! YOLO, right? #can’tbelieveisaidyolo

Since it was 116 when I left my house today, and I have til wednesday in AZ. We needed something to do IN SIDE, that we didn’t have to pay a fortune for.  My friend suggested IKEA! I have always been that judgmental mom that says, “Oh, i’ll never let my kid play in the IKEA kid drop off while I shop… So nasty!”

Well, let the judger by judged

 I let Sophia (my 3.5 year) hang out in the play area for an hour. To my surprise, it was so clean! The staff was so kind, and friendly towards the children. I watched the staff for about 20 minutes outside of the play area as I waited for a friend that I was meeting. You could tell the team actually wanted to be there. They interacted with the kids, disciplined older children for being rough, smiled, followed the rules, and laughed with the children. Which is impressive; since, I feel like sometimes I walk into our very expensive preschool and do not see that reaction from some of the teachers. I was overly impressed by the IKEA team.

My friend, Jacque, and I enjoyed the air conditioned showroom. We dreaming of clean organized spaces in our homes. We both have babies, her little girl is 7 months old, and sweeter than pie. I did pick up some frames for some PedalCraft prints that have been collecting dust. The prints are so rad, and look amazing in the $20 frame. Now that they are framed, lets see how long it takes to get them actually on the wall. (hint! hint! to the banker to get the hammer out ) If you have never heard of what Pedal Craft is, check it out. It’s a beautiful fusion of biking, arts, and beer in downtown Phoenix. Volume III is going to be on 10/25/2013. Stay turned for more updates on that later.

We ate lunch in the cafe. I had a greek salad. For $3.99 I do not expect much, but this was tasty. My mother in law always tells me about how when she was a single mom raising the kids (my husband has 2 siblings) she would take the children to cafeteria style places because no one cared if they were loud. THIS is SO TRUE! Sophia and her buddy joked with each other, the babies laughed and spit food every where. It was so nice to not have to worry if we were bothering anyone. Everyone there had children, or understood, it’s Ikea.

Again, iphone quality photo edited in instagram.

btw, I scored those baskets on sale at Target for $7 a pop this week. That was 80% off. Budget friendly, cute option.


Cute babies, hanging in my double Britax B-Ready. Both of my kids are napping now. Thats the best, crashed out after playing hard.

All in all, a great afternoon!

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