the blonde & the banker

Walter (58 of 84) copy

I am the blonde, Mariana.  The banker is my husband, Sloan…well he started off as a banker, and now if a financial advisor. Blonde and Banker sounds cuter than blonde and advisor, so we went with it. We have 2 kids and want as many as the Lord will bless us with. Live in the Phoenix Metro Area.By trade I am a professional licensed freelance makeup artist. You can find some of my recent work here, website/blog. I am a beauty contributor for EMMA Magazine, and a guest blogger for Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market. I moved to PHX from the Los Angeles area in 2006. My husband is from New Hampshire, he likes to say, but moved to PHX when he was 4 days old. You can learn more about us through my adventure in blogging about beauty, style, budget savyness (no, that is not really a word), design and whatever else I might want to ramble about. I have an instagram shop of mommy & kiddo vintage and gently used things. @blondeandbankershop check it out!

photo by: charity mauer photography


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