HANK turns ONE

At this time last year,  12 noon,  I was walking into the hospital in labor. My induction was scheduled for 1 pm, but I knew he was on his way, the natural way. I was 39 weeks, but had been on best rest since 28 weeks. The journey of Hank inside of me is a long and crazy one, if you don’t know. My water broke at 30 weeks and I spent 4 + long weeks on bedrest in the hospital. By a miracle of God, through the help of prayer from family and friends, Jesus resealed my bag of waters and Hank was safe to be delivered when the time was right. Less than 10% of women reseal and go on to have term babies when their water breaks as early as mine did. I thank God all the time for this miracle. Looking back and thinking about having a 30 weeker or even a 34 weeker just seems so scary.

My labor was pretty quick. Got to the hospital at 12, and Hank was delivered after 2 pushed at 10:30 pm. I had the best nurse in THE WORLD! Laura had actually helped deliver my daughter as well. It was so special to have her helping me breath through contractions and know me. God placed Laura in our lives for a very special reason. Her shift was over at 3 pm and she stayed til Hank was born to be with me. Sloan, my husband is so amazing during labor. He knows just was to say and do. My mom was there also. Which is always a special moment for her to be there for when my babes come.


Rolled over at 2 months. Crawled at 5 months. Stood up at 7 months. Walked around furniture at 8 months. Walked on his own 10 months. He says: Dadda, Mama, Sis, Done, Foo (food). Loves Banana, Sweet Potato, Pancakes, Chicken and anything in a packet. Loves his sister. Goes ape for music, dancing, playing the drums, and swimming.

The first photo of him. ever.


From our newborn session with Bloom Photography.




And Hank Now. Photo from Charity Mauer Photography… who happens to be Laura (our nurses) niece! Such a small world. Because that wasn’t planned.


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Where’s Mar?

My goodness! I have been MIA! The month of August was CRAZY BUSY for me and my sweet family.

The fasted re-cap ever…. ( in no special order)

Doss and Kim (brother and sister in laws) welcomed their TWIN baby girls into the world. Healthy and happy, both of the sweeties are at home with mom and dad. Sleepless nights here you guys come!

Bridal Season is basically here is AZ. I had 6 trails for hair and makeup with brides in August.. and I am so excited to work with all these lovely women. (Danielle, Kiley, Meaghan, Monique, Kia, and Shelley).

Had some fun Boudoir shoots with elan photographie…who then left me for the brownstones of Brooklyn. Karen, has been my bestie and partner in crime for the last 8 years. New York definitely won a gem with that move. Did I mention she had 5 going away parties.. one of which was featured on Junk in the Trunk blog.

Had a photo shoot with KT Jean designs. If you don’t know her work… KNOW IT! It was an honor to work on Katie on her fall collection shoot with Kym Ventola, of Ventola Photography. 

Worked with EMMA MAGAZINE on their September Issue. Makeup and Hair on Page 10, with the DIY hair clip. Makeup and Hair starting on page 34 for the FASHION high & low spread.  Styled by, Shelly Sazdanoff. Photographed by Charity Mauer Photography. 

Had family photos done by Charity! They turned out so fabulous. I was blessed by the lovely Arielle Roundeu of Chanel Cosmetics. I never get my makeup done, since I do makeup… It was so nice to have her pamper me!

Sophie, my 3.5 year old started back at pre-school and we started our homeschool co-op. She is now going 3 days to her preschool and we homeschool on mondays with the co-op. I am the overly involved mom at school, and chair every event. I LOVE It! The community and group of moms is so fun to be around.

Hank, my almost 1 year old, started WALKING! Where did my baby go?! Guess its time to start trying for our 3rd.  (wait, seriously?! yes.)

Was interviewed by Charity Mauer Photography… here.

My husband and I made a music video…. here. The banker, wrote the song after a blog we started following 40 days of dating. I suggest starting at day one and reading through to day 40. Good stuff.  Camera work and editing, the amazing Ryan Diggs.

My husband’s band Gospel Claws shot a music video for the Sons of Anarchy. It is on the FX website, and facebook page… here.


OKAY! Thats enough of the big stuff… Like I said, August was INSANE. I apologize for not staying up to date. I will most likely be sharing more on each topic in depth.. but here is the fast way to bring you up to speed.

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