Red Apple Lipstick Review: Kate

Thank you to everyone that entered the Red Apple Lipstick giveaway. Kate, was the lucky duck that won! She recently came over for a make over. Turns out this product line was perfect for her. Kate is totally Gluten Free in her diet and products. She was a perfect person to try the makeup on. My skin never has a reaction to anything. So to try it on a sensitive skin, helps for the review of the Red Apple Lipstick Products. Red Apple sent me an eyeshadow, and 2 lip colors.

Red Apple lipsticks are FABULOUS! 10 out 10! It is so rare to find a hydrating Lip Color that is pigmented and allergen free. Usually all the parabens are what are keeping the color together. SO to have none o

f those pesky parabens and have it look fabulous is a total WIN!

I have tried other lines that are GF, it’s really hard to find a good eyeshadow. 8 out 10. The problem with eyeshadows that are GF is that they are made usually from rice powder, which is not the most user friendly for blending. The Red Apple with out an eye shadow primer was a little tricky to play with. The undertone of the pigment didn’t stick. BUT, when I tried it a second time with an eyeshadow primer, I LOVE IT! It was much smoother and the pigment blended very well. I wet the shadow and used it as an eyeliner and it slid right on with the brush. Looked great, and stayed well. Didn’t bleed over time.

Here is a before and after Kate in the products. Everything else I used on her face was GF as well.


eyeshadow: Red Apple Midnight Lagoon lip color: RED!

no editing, or filters. iphone 4s photo.

Thanks to Red Apple and Kate for letting me play.

_the blonde


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