Summer Splurge & Save Makeup

This was my guest blog post from Junk in the Trunk’s 4th of july post.

Kerry won the JITT vintage market swag. I emailed you!

Ever get frustrated with the cost of makeup? I am a pro makeup artist, and even I do not want to shell out the cash for the good stuff. With these dupes (duplicates) you will be able to create a full Summer Makeup look.

Tinted Moisturizers

Great for a light weight foundation. Laura’s is pricey, but every makeup artist knows it is the best. I found one that is a close match from the drug store and half the price!

Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer $48                  Loreal Youth Code $16


Summer pink/nude lip stick DUPE

MAC angel  $17


        Elf  in Classy $1


You can’t tell the difference between the two shades. The MAC does stay on longer, other than that I would say the e.l.f. if worth it for a buck!

Summer Pop of Pink for the cheeks

Bobbi Brown’s Pale Pink Blush  $26     &     Bobbi Brown’s Golden Light Bronzer $38



e.l.f. studio’s contouring bronzer and blush palette  $3 (crazy right?!)


These two products are my staple go to’s… then I found this palette from e.l.f. and was shocked at how much I love it. perfect for that summer glow with a pop of pink!

Eye Shadow 

Naked Palette $50           &               Physicians Formula Nude Palette $13


nudeEveryone wants the NAKED and NAKED2 Palette by Urban Decay. It is a sought after staple for most makeup artist and makeup buyers! You can create a basic eye to a very dramatic look with the palette. The Nude palette has very similar colors and 1/3 of the price.

Thank you Junk in the Trunk for having me over to guest blog.

Let me know what you think of the dupes, leave a comment!


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