Sweet Sibling Love

Any day that Sophia has an activity to get to, I start to feel bad for Hank. It tends to always be during his nap time, or when he needs to be eating. Today Sophia’s yoga class was at 10:30 AM. Hank goes down for his nap at 9 AM. I went in and woke him up at 10:15, the very latest I could to get everyone out the door and be close to on time. “Close” being the keyword. Hank was mad, needless to say about being woken up. So we got in the car, the hot oven, as I like to call it during the summer. Hank still mad, if not even more mad now. Sophia was fine, she knew yoga was coming. Hank screamed for a solid 10 minutes. Which doesn’t seem long in miuntes, but in the heat, and 2 children and running late, it could of been a hour to me. Then he stopped. I looked back and saw this.

Moments like this make every scream, hot car ride, poopy diaper, breakdown tantrum, snotty nose completely worth it. All Sophia did was hold her hand out for him, and he grabbed her finger. Then he stopped crying. That sweet feeling of comfort he got from his sister. I am so blessed to have these gifts from God. 

I will remember this moment for a very long time.

oh and we were only 2 minutes late for yoga. not bad.

_the blonde


4 thoughts on “Sweet Sibling Love

  1. JUST love your writings. Not only do you have a gift from God but you recognize them and put them to use. You are so good at everything you do..

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