Neiman Marcus Fall Preview

One of the perks of being a beauty contributer of EMMA Magazine is that I get invited to fun events. Shelly, one of the editors, and myself went to the Neiman Marcus Scottsdale fall preview media event last week. Their PR team shared with us the new looks of fall for women, men, and beauty. Its was a fabulous catered breakfast with a sweet little swag bag. More to come on what was in the bag!

*iphone quality photos. duh.

Neiman Marcus broke down their trend spotting list for us. They had 10 looks but I want to focus on my favorites.

The first trend that I think everyone will need for fall is a great Moto Jacket. Men and women… shoot, even children should have one! I know I will be breaking out my Andrew Marc moto coat this up coming season. Vince has a fabulous leather collection.  Since not all of us can afford a $800 plus coat I suggest looking at this moto vest by French connection, available online from Neiman Marcus.


Lace is going to be huge. Lace isn’t the soft, sweet, innocent eye catcher anymore. Diane Von Furstenberg stole the fall fashion show with her Black lace on cream jumper. It is so flattering. The girly jumper style with a plunging V neck is a show stopper. I am loving this cropped lace pant by DVF. I can’t pull off a jumper, because I tend to be too long for them. But this pant knocks it out of the park. It captured the sexy tailored look, perfectly.


Purple, and Burgundy are going to be staple colors for fall. Using it as a pop color, or for color blocking. The Vince Nina flat wooed my heart. I am personally loving that its a flat, and that we are not having to wear huge heals this fall. This shoe has it all. Pointed toe is coming back, and its burgundy. NMX1SUN_mx

Seems like every designer is going mini with their hang bags. Chloe did a mini, that I just love. Fendi took their tradition look mini. I think my favorite is the Balenciaga Classic Mini City Bag. I tend to be a HUGE bag kind of lady, but this cross body feels so right on me. Hint Hint, banker 🙂

balenciagaopen doc

More to come on men’s, and beauty later this week,

What will be your favorite women’s fall trend?

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Red Apple Lipstick Review: Kate

Thank you to everyone that entered the Red Apple Lipstick giveaway. Kate, was the lucky duck that won! She recently came over for a make over. Turns out this product line was perfect for her. Kate is totally Gluten Free in her diet and products. She was a perfect person to try the makeup on. My skin never has a reaction to anything. So to try it on a sensitive skin, helps for the review of the Red Apple Lipstick Products. Red Apple sent me an eyeshadow, and 2 lip colors.

Red Apple lipsticks are FABULOUS! 10 out 10! It is so rare to find a hydrating Lip Color that is pigmented and allergen free. Usually all the parabens are what are keeping the color together. SO to have none o

f those pesky parabens and have it look fabulous is a total WIN!

I have tried other lines that are GF, it’s really hard to find a good eyeshadow. 8 out 10. The problem with eyeshadows that are GF is that they are made usually from rice powder, which is not the most user friendly for blending. The Red Apple with out an eye shadow primer was a little tricky to play with. The undertone of the pigment didn’t stick. BUT, when I tried it a second time with an eyeshadow primer, I LOVE IT! It was much smoother and the pigment blended very well. I wet the shadow and used it as an eyeliner and it slid right on with the brush. Looked great, and stayed well. Didn’t bleed over time.

Here is a before and after Kate in the products. Everything else I used on her face was GF as well.


eyeshadow: Red Apple Midnight Lagoon lip color: RED!

no editing, or filters. iphone 4s photo.

Thanks to Red Apple and Kate for letting me play.

_the blonde

You know you’re a mom when…

My family spent the day hanging out by the pool of a shamsy-fancy hotel, since the hubs is out of town, and its 114 outside. Yes, that is me complaining about Arizona’s heat, yet again. This CALI girl needs the water in here life, so why not hit up a fake beach at a hotel? Totally, the same, at least I can keep telling myself that.

My sister was sharing with me how she read this blog post about a “you know you’re 30 when…” and how she laughed real hard about it. After I got home from the pool, I was bathing Hanksters and he pooped in the tub. (insert emoticon of pile of poop+ bathtub + gun pointing at it).

Then I thought myself… you know you’re a mom when you pick up poop with your bare hands.

Which inspired this list:

You know you’re a mom when: you lick your hands, and hope its chocolate. *did that last week. It was chocolate.

You know you’re a mom when: you haven’t used the restroom alone in as long as you can remember. *the door is always open, and either I’m keeping an eye on the kids, or they won’t leave me alone.

You know you’re a mom when: you say 3 different names, to get the right one.

You know you’re a mom when: you sneak chocolate chips behind the fridge door, so that you don’t have to share with the kids. *I do this ALL THE TIME.

You know you’re a mom when: you are never seen in white clothing.

You know you’re a mom when: you haven’t had a hot meal in, well, as long as your kid has been on solids.

You know you’re a mom when: poop in the bath tub doesn’t make you scream.

You know you’re a mom when: you can recite all the characters from doc mc stuffins and are okay with it.

You know you’re a mom when: the clean up song becomes as cool to you as Justin B is to teen girls (and boys).

You know you’re a mom when: you get 4 hrs of uninterrupted sleep and your tell someone “I slept great last night.”

You know you’re a mom when: you drink wine out of a sippy cup, because that’s what is clean in the kitchen. * I may or may not be doing this right now.

You know you’re a mom when: you can get everyone out the door, dressed and ready to go for the day in under 5 minutes. But…You forget your wallet in the diaper bag the one day you decide to bring your purse. #fail

You know you’re a mom when you eat your kids gummy vitamins and think, “Good enough for them, good enough for me.”


Its hard work being a mom, but so rewarding. So, if you are not a mama, yet, don’t be scared by this list. Take it as an encouragement as to how awesome you are going to be, once you are a mom. Nothing seems to really shock me anymore. I just roll with the punches. We can basically conquer the world in a day, right Pinky?


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Drum Roll….

Drum Roll....

The winner of the Red Apple Lipstick is Kate H! (email has been sent! check your inbox)
BONUS: Since you are a phoenix resident, I would love do your makeup this up coming week to feature on my blog. Very excited to share this with all the followers. Have a great night! And thank you to all the participated.

Blonde and Banker is partnering with Charlie Banana Diapers next month, for a giveaway. So, stay tuned!

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Red Apple Lip Stick Giveaway

The lovely makeup junkies over at Red Apple Lip Stick are partnering with us for a giveaway, and I couldn’t be more happy!

I will be doing a full review of the products next week on the blog. For now lets give away a lip stick color!

We are giving away an amazing RED.


A little bit about Red Apple.

“All Red Apple Lipstick products are certified gluten free, paraben free, soy free, dairy free and allergen free. Our lipsticks are also vegan, natural and cruelty free, but you wouldn’t know it, unless you asked!”

I am all about all natural products, and this is a great one!

To enter you must:

Follow the blog and leave a comment on this post.

For additional entries:

follow Blonde&Banker of Facebook

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comment below for all entries

Enjoy, winner will be picked and posted in 48 hours!

happy lipsticking!

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P.S. I Adore You

P.S. I Adore You

I love this site! I found them during a instagram search of another blogger and then ended up on their page. They are a budget savy way to get a hold of awesome clothes for yourself and kids. Today, they have the cutest leggings!  Also, some super cute tanks. Love the FREE SPIRIT one. That is so my little bop. (“bop” a nickname for Sophie)

This is what the moms from P.S. I adore you said about themselves, “We wish we had a great story to tell about how P.S. I Adore You came about, but it’s simple really. We are busy moms who love to find great deals on anything and everything. We also love finding those hidden treasures at our local farmers markets and boutiques. We wanted to find a way to showcase those adorable one of a kind items all while getting a great deal! Oh, and last but not least… We needed a way to spread the word about childhood cancer and raise awareness for these kids, they are oh so close to our hearts. “

Happy shopping! Check them out. Please, great clothes and bags, and local vendors all while raising awareness for these sweet little kiddos. P.s. I adore them!!!

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Summer Splurge & Save Makeup

This was my guest blog post from Junk in the Trunk’s 4th of july post.

Kerry won the JITT vintage market swag. I emailed you!

Ever get frustrated with the cost of makeup? I am a pro makeup artist, and even I do not want to shell out the cash for the good stuff. With these dupes (duplicates) you will be able to create a full Summer Makeup look.

Tinted Moisturizers

Great for a light weight foundation. Laura’s is pricey, but every makeup artist knows it is the best. I found one that is a close match from the drug store and half the price!

Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer $48                  Loreal Youth Code $16


Summer pink/nude lip stick DUPE

MAC angel  $17


        Elf  in Classy $1


You can’t tell the difference between the two shades. The MAC does stay on longer, other than that I would say the e.l.f. if worth it for a buck!

Summer Pop of Pink for the cheeks

Bobbi Brown’s Pale Pink Blush  $26     &     Bobbi Brown’s Golden Light Bronzer $38



e.l.f. studio’s contouring bronzer and blush palette  $3 (crazy right?!)


These two products are my staple go to’s… then I found this palette from e.l.f. and was shocked at how much I love it. perfect for that summer glow with a pop of pink!

Eye Shadow 

Naked Palette $50           &               Physicians Formula Nude Palette $13


nudeEveryone wants the NAKED and NAKED2 Palette by Urban Decay. It is a sought after staple for most makeup artist and makeup buyers! You can create a basic eye to a very dramatic look with the palette. The Nude palette has very similar colors and 1/3 of the price.

Thank you Junk in the Trunk for having me over to guest blog.

Let me know what you think of the dupes, leave a comment!