Blogging: Blonde&Banker

I have been blogging on and off for around 3 years, through my business page, and guest blog spots. I feel like I have come to this point in my blogging journey where things that I want to blog about do not fit into my website. A couple years back, my sister, came up with this name Blonde and Banker. She wanted to be a banker and I was always the blonde. She now is a med student at the UofA. We thought one day in our old age we would open a store together. Well, turns out I ended up marrying a banker, and it was perfect. 2 weeks ago, I asked my lovely sister if I could use the name {blonde and banker} for my new blog that I wanted to launch. First of all, she couldn’t believe I remembered the name! Secondly, she said yes! I was so pumped.

Today marks my journey into consistent blogging about building a home. Not literally ground up, but the lovely in’s and out’s of home life. Posts about the beauty world, everything and anything I love/hate. And last some of the ways I budget (had to throw the banking in there somewhere).

Thanks Easy E, thats my nick name for my super sweet sis.



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