Junk in the Trunk + West Elm (and maybe something free)

Junk in the Trunk + West Elm

There is a giveaway at the end… so read up!

I really love the gals over at Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market. They have some of the most unique vintage finds in the valley. The girls know how to bring community together through their blog and markets.

Because “J in the T” is so cool, I braved the 116 degree heat in PHX today. Both children in tow, and headed north.

Today, they set up inside the West Elm at Scottsdale Quarter to sell amazing found vintage goods! There was a line down the Quarter’s walk way. Within 20 minutes of opening, they had sold though a moving truck worth of greatness. Luckily, their strong husbands saved the day, by unloading a second trucks worth. I arrived around 10:45 AM and most of the amazing big pieces from the second load were SOLD!

I did bring home a super fun vintage “H” for Hank’s ( my 9 month old) room. I’ll show you it when I show you photos of the redone room. For now, here are a few iphone quality snap shots of what was going on today.


How fun is that sign from yarn and pins?


I could take these huge XO letters home, but I honestly can’t think of a place for them.

To win one of these fun water bottles and bag, follow blonde&banker blog and leave a comment below. Winner will be emailed by the 4th of July! 

Make sure to follow Junk in the Trunk and West Elm Scottsdale Quarter on instagram.

Side note: my husband gets home in the morning from being out of town for 5 days. I can’t wait to see him… and put my feet up. Not to complain, but I am kind of complaining…2 kids under 3 for 5 days by yourself is hard work. Hence why my lunch today was fig bars and a beer.

XO, the blonde


Blogging: Blonde&Banker

I have been blogging on and off for around 3 years, through my business page, and guest blog spots. I feel like I have come to this point in my blogging journey where things that I want to blog about do not fit into my website. A couple years back, my sister, came up with this name Blonde and Banker. She wanted to be a banker and I was always the blonde. She now is a med student at the UofA. We thought one day in our old age we would open a store together. Well, turns out I ended up marrying a banker, and it was perfect. 2 weeks ago, I asked my lovely sister if I could use the name {blonde and banker} for my new blog that I wanted to launch. First of all, she couldn’t believe I remembered the name! Secondly, she said yes! I was so pumped.

Today marks my journey into consistent blogging about building a home. Not literally ground up, but the lovely in’s and out’s of home life. Posts about the beauty world, everything and anything I love/hate. And last some of the ways I budget (had to throw the banking in there somewhere).

Thanks Easy E, thats my nick name for my super sweet sis.